Funeral Flower Keepsake Ideas

Funeral Flower Keepsake Ideas | Magenta Flowers

 It is so hard for us to talk about this subject that we can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for you. However, in the long term, we know that keepsakes made from funeral flowers will bring a great deal of comfort.

Over the last few years, more and more people are contacting us about funeral flower keepsakes. When we first started the business, we did not appreciate how many of our customers would turn to us to help them to create funeral flower keepsakes.

It would seem that we have turned a corner. Many more of us than ever before want to create memories and keepsakes that last. Yes, it is nice to have photographs, but there is nothing like "saying it with flowers."

Creating funeral flower keepsakes, is not a request that your average florist will be able to handle. Instead, it is best to turn to someone who specialises in preserving flowers.

At Magenta Flowers, we have considerable experience of preserving flowers and creating treasured keepsakes. If you feel that this is right for you, all you have to do is to get in touch with us.

Ideas For Funeral Flower Keepsakes

Unless you have experience of creating keepsakes made from funeral flowers, it is hard to come up with ideas. During our time in business, we have learned that our customers want to make their keepsakes into truly personal treasures. Often, it is hard to know where to start.

Therefore, the Magenta Flowers team have come up with ideas that are flexible. Our ideas can be used to create funeral flower keepsakes from a wide range of flowers.

Funeral Flower Keepsakes

Where Do I Start?

It is important to have a little think before you get going. As we have already mentioned when we talked about funeral flower arrangements, it is important to think on a personal level. Maybe the person or four-legged friend that you lost, had a favourite flower. If so, let us help you to create the best memory we can from that one flower.

A keepsake is often something so simple as a necklace or other piece of jewellery. That being said, we know that there are many who like to have their memories on display. In that case, you can create a display by using the letters in their name. Alternatively, you can spell out what they meant to you or focus on your personal relationship. For instance, a keepsake saying "sis" can mean the world to someone who has lost a sister.

Take a moment out of your busy day, and try to figure out what flower, or flowers, you would like as part of your keepsake. Once you have done that, get in touch and we will give you the best advice. We have lots of ideas and you can always use our website as a source of inspiration.

Is It Okay To Preserve Flowers From Funeral Flower Arrangements?

Of course, it is. In many parts of the world, family and friends often take a flower from a funeral flower arrangement to remember someone by. We think it is a lovely idea. You can take a selection of flowers or use that special one as we mentioned earlier.

When you are thinking about doing this, one of the best ways is to contact us before hand. We will let you know what flowers work better than others, and how you can start to preserve them. On top of that, it gives us the chance to discuss funeral flower keepsakes ideas with you. We also have available a varied range of flowers from our own suppliers.

Ideas For Funeral Flower Keepsakes

We have a huge range of ways of creating the perfect funeral flower keepsake for you. Stunning ways to remember someone by includes paper weights and wall displays. Some flowers really do look amazing when displayed as part of wall art. They take a little bit longer to put together, but have become one of our more popular keepsakes.

The beauty of paper weights, is that you can create a small bouquets or preserve an arrangement of individual flowers. Click on this link to find out more.


Funeral Keepsakes

Carrying Someone Close To Your Heart

We can fully understand that you may want to carry someone close to your heart. By turning their favourite flower into a necklace or other jewellery item, you can do so. We have many creative ideas, but we also know that you may have your own idea.

At all times, we are happy to work with you to find the best way to create that special keepsake.

Lighting A Candle

On occasion, lighting a candle for a loved one helps us to bring back precious memories. We have created a range of tealight candle holders just for such occasions. Incorporating favourite flowers as part of tealight candle holder is a fantastic way of taking some personal time out and remembering someone.

Lighting the candle and giving them a few moments of your time, will make you feel so much better. It will bring back time spent together and offer you peace of mind.

Keepsakes For Furry Friends

Yes, we do miss our furry friends when we have to say goodbye. You be surprised how many pet owners contact us to say their loved companion had a favourite flower or plant in the garden.

With that in mind, we have created our animal keepsakes. It is now one of our most popular choices. If you would like to know more, get in touch with us. We just love to help to create special memories that will last forever.

At Magenta Flowers, we pride ourselves on looking after our customers. Many of you come back to us time and time again. We are so grateful for that. Although every occasion can't be a happy occasion, it is always a treasured occasion.

When you are ready to find out more about keepsakes made from funeral flowers, please get in touch with us. We know that it is hard, but if we can help you to feel better by creating funeral flower keepsakes, we will do so. Send us an email and we will get back in touch with you.

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