Funeral Flower Preservation

Professional Funeral Flower Preservation Online

Keep the memory of your loved one with you by preserving their final flowers.

Preserve your funeral memorial flowers into a range of ornaments to keep at home, take with you on your journey in life and provide as gifts for family and friends. From preservation of a single flower to an entire funeral flower bouquet, Magenta Flowers professionally preserves the original flowers used in your loved ones’ funeral.

Quality & Expertise

All of our funeral flower keepsakes are 100% hand made in the UK. Each keepsake is specially designed with the latest techniques and handled with the utmost care. Our dedication to craftsmanship and perfection has made Magenta Flowers a nationally recognized expert for funeral flower preservation.

Caring for your Flowers

If you choose our funeral flower online preservation services, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before shipping us your flowers. Please make sure you:

  • Do not freeze your flowers
  • Do not put your flowers directly in the sun
  • Do not squash your flowers
  • Do not spray water or any other chemical on your flowers