Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Silver, Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts & More

ūüĆļ Whether This is Your First Wedding Anniversary Gift or 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift, Magenta Flowers has you covered. Struggling for Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas? Check Out Our Award Winning Range of Personalised Wedding Gifts ūüĆļ

 Personalised Resin Flower Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Our gift items are hand-crafted with real flowers trapped in transparent resin. We only use a high-quality grade 100% guaranteed non-yellowing resin which will ensure your items won’t turn pale over time.

Our team of qualified and highly skilled craftsmen uses real flowers to design gift items for any wedding anniversary‚ÄĒfirst, second, 4th,20th, ¬†silver, 50th, 2 platinum, etc.

How it’s Done?

At Magenta Flowers, you can preserve the flowers of your special occasions. All you need to do is choose your gift item online for our website and send your flowers to us.

Our team then carefully picks, arranges, and preserves your flowers into gorgeous keepsakes that’ll make them an ideal gift for a silver and golden wedding anniversary.