Want to be able to earn some commission for referring business to Magenta Flowers?

Earn a standard 10% commission back for any referrals, be paid on a regular basis and have a one to one relationship with us directly. 

You'll either need to use our "affiliate" link which is a unique link created by the system for your affiliate account, or if you'd like to refer customers by using a specific discount code, we're also happy to do this too. If you'd like to do this, create your account and contact us on hello@magentaflowers.co.uk and we'll setup a unique code just for you. Your referred customers will then use this discount code in the checkout to allow you to have that 10% commission kick back! :)

Here at Magenta Flowers we're passionate about our products, creating handmade only items and having that personal touch. We'd love to partner with businesses who can promote our products.